Each collection reveals a strong element of Mellerio’s style, inspired whether by graphic lines, fauna or flora.

Mellerio a family, a destiny

on october 10th 1613, queen Marie de Medici granted exceptional privileges to members of the Mellerio family, who had arrived from Italy a century earlier. thanks to this decree, renewed by all the kings of France until Louis xvi, these peddlers of small precious objects soon became the jewellers of an illustrious clientele.

14 generations later, after wars, changes of regime, cross-border travels, numerous distinctions, innovation patents and exceptional creations, the Mellerios are still at the helm

of the last independent, family-run french high jewellery firm. Laure-Isabelle Mellerio is today president and artistic director of the jewellery house.
her ambition is to nurture the authentic and contemporary image of the maison and ensure its international development.

Hight jewellery

Every day Mellerio’s artisans dedicate their skills to create jewellery that can be one-off, unique pieces, or part of the new collections created each year.

Engagement rings

the maison Mellerio is the go-to address when you are celebrating life’s great events: engagement, marriage, wedding anniversary, birth of a child…