« LE JOAILLIER DES REINES » by Vincent Meylan

The book

Mellerio has been the appointed jeweller of all the queens of France since Marie de Medicis who awarded her Royal Warrant in 1613. Since then, the oldest French family owned jewellery house in the world has contributed to a unique page of history ranging over 400 years and 14 generations.

For the first time, the Mellerio family members have agreed to reveal their many secrets. Vincent Meylan has traced back the incredible saga of a family heritage whose destiny is linked to so many prestigious European family ones, unveiling the prodigious treasures unknown of until today.

The incredible pieces of jewellery, some of which are still worn today such as the fabulous jewellery suite belonging to the Danish Court, were the unique creations of Mellerio dits Mellerio. Documents from Mellerio’s private archives, letters entrusted by the family and original sketches are published for the first time in history.


Vincent Meylan est l’un des rares à connaître les secrets de l’univers très confidentiel de la place Vendôme. Journaliste et historien, spécialiste de la Haute Joaillerie, il est également l’auteur de plusieurs biographies et ouvrages consacrés à l’histoire des pierres précieuses.