Les Trophées


Since 1981, Mellerio has been designing and producing trophies for the prestigious Roland Garros tennis tournament, including the famous Musketeers Cup.

Goldsmiths transform a simple silver leaf into a work of art:

– The silversmith cuts and layers the silver leaf until the shape corresponding to that of the drawing and shapes the silhouette of the cut on an exotic wood mandrel.

– The founder makes the swan-shaped handles and the frieze of vine leaves, by casting molten metal in footprints.

– The carver highlights and refines the patterns with a chisel

– After checking each of the constituent elements of the cup, the silversmith assembles them.

– The polisher intervenes only last, to give the cut its brilliance.

– Finally, the Engraver immortalizes the tournament by postponing the name of the winner of the year on the base.

This cut of about fourteen kilos takes more than a hundred hours of work.


Since 1956, Mellerio discreetly creates in his studio one of the most mythical prizes of the sport world: the Ballon d’Or.

Awarded to the best footballer of the year, its manufacturing process has not changed since its origin: it requires nearly a hundred hours of work, and begins six months before delivery.

In pyrite and gilded brass, it reproduces to scale a real football, on which the name of the winner is directly engraved. “